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TCM for you (What can TCM do to help you?)

Let us face reality, the UK is a free medical care country, which means when you have health problems, the first person you contact is your GP. If you have a heart attack or stroke, our hospitals can do brilliant work to save your life. We hope you don’t get these problems and even when these things happen, it should hopefully be in the later stages of life. For the vast majority people, health problems are not life-threatening such as a heart attack, stroke or cancer. It is something quiet often that disrupts your quality of life. Western medicine like any medical system in the world, it is not perfect. They have their own limitations and often have side effects.

Here we provide some examples of how you might benefit from TCM compared with conventional medicine.

Dermatology problem

Psoriasis, eczema, acne, abscess, herpes, singles and other skin complaints. Unfortunately for a lot of skin problems, your GP can not provide much help. They may prescribe antibiotic for acne for example, or steroid cream for other skin problems, but usually not always effective, only temporary relieving the symptoms. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can be an effective alternative form of treatment.

Muscular-skeletal & neurological problem

Back pain, neck pain, sciatica, hip pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, knee pain, migraine, arthritis, trigeminal neuralgia, bell palsy, sprain, sports injuries & accidents etc.
For the above problems, western medicine usually gives you pain killers, anti-inflammatory medicine, cortisol injection or even in some cases, surgery. These are not always effective and sometimes merely mask the pain with a lot of side effects. Regarding surgery, it should be always your last resort. Acupuncture can be very effective to treat the above problems without any side effects.

Mental and emotional problems

Insomnia, anxiety, stress, depression, panic attacks etc.
Compared with sleeping pills and antidepressants, acupuncture and Chinese herbs can be very effective to treat these problems without side effects caused by conventional medication.

Ear, nose and throat

Hay fever, sinus, sore throat, tinnitus etc.
Acupuncture treats these problems with very good results.

Internal problems

Food intolerance & allergy, diabetes, asthma, bronchitis, colitis, MS, ME, IBS, high blood pressure, ankylosingspondylitis, etc
Some problems here, for example, if you have diabetes or high blood pressure for a long time, taking medication for the rest of your life is probably the way for you. However if the problem is recent and your blood sugar or blood pressure is borderline or fluctuated, then like other problems here, acupuncture and Chinese herbs can often provide good results.

Gynecology problems

Pre-menstrual syndrome, infertility, irregular, heavy or painful periods. Morning sickness, miscarriage, polycystic ovary, endometriosis, fibroid, menopause, osteoporosis etc.
TCM - acupuncture and Chinese herbs can play a very important role in many women’s health issues. From our point of view, it is effective, safe and far better than contraceptive pills, hysterectomy or HRT which is often offered from a conventional medical practitioner. For example, unless life threatening disease like cancer, no women likes to lose her uterus or ovary if they know of other options than surgery are available. For infertility treatment, if IVF is your choice, combined with acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment together, you can improve your successful rate.


Prostate problem, stop smoking, losing weight, detoxification and boost immune system.
Of course, TCM is not only limited to treat the above illnesses. Bear in mind, the vast difference between the western medicine and TCM is that TCM places great emphasis on the unity of the human body. Either the skin problem, muscular problem, ear and nose or gynecology problem is part of the body’s problem. Good and balanced nutrition, healthy lifestyle, proper skills to cope with stress will definitely speed up the healing process. For these issues, our doctor would like to discuss on privately for each individual case.

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