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Frequently asked questions

Q I have a phobia for needles, does acupuncture hurt?

A No, acupuncture needles are quiet thin which are different from injection needles. When administered by a skilled practitioner no real pain is felt as the needle enters the skin. However some tingling, pressure, numbness or heaviness may be felt momentarily when the needle reaches the correct acupuncture point. This indicates the “Qi” has been stimulated. During treatment, most patients feel very relaxed and even sleepy. Actually it is quiet an enjoyable experience.

Q I received acupuncture treatment for my arthritis from another practitioner, but after treatment my joint felt quiet painful. Is this normal?

A for pain problems, most patients after acupuncture treatment immediately feel better. Some patients may feel worse the next day, then better later. If so, it should not last more than 1 to 2 days.

Q If I receive acupuncture treatment, usually how many sessions do I need?

A This depends on what problem you are suffering from, how serious your problem is and how long time you have had this problem. Usually serious problems such as chronic or degenerate problems may need more sessions. Generally speaking for the same problem, young patients have better & faster reactions to treatment than older patients.

Q Is it always necessary to use acupuncture and herbal treatments together?

A No, it depends on the problem. Some muscular problems only acupuncture combined with cupping treatment will be necessary. Some skin problems only herbal treatment is required. Of course, some serious problems will require both treatments.

Q When I take herbal soup, should I take care about other foods?

A Yes, usually when you take herbal soup, it is best to avoid eating spicy, greasy or seafood. Also avoid drinking alcohol, this is especially important for skin problems.

Q I have heard that TCM is only suitable for chronic problems. Is it true?

A No, TCM is also good for some acute problems. For example, acupuncture for acute back and neck pain, acute sprains etc, herbal soup for bad cold or virus infection etc.

Q I used acupuncture to stop smoking two years ago. Recently because of stress, I started smoking again. So is it true that acupuncture can not guarantee forever?

A That is true, acupuncture can help you stop smoking, but cannot guarantee that in the future you will not smoke again. Your determination to quit smoking is not only important to help you stop smoking, it is also important for you not to smoke in the future.

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